Chinese Internet craze: Underboob Pen Challenge – Why they don’t show faces?


Gravity defied. Let us all take a moment of silence as the mystical Underboob Pen Challenge of 2016 takes its place among the great social media trends of eternity.

Underboob pen challenge: Chinese women hold pens under their breasts in weird meme.

BEIJING — A new social media craze is sweeping China, giving show-offs in the world’s most populous nation the chance to be upfront about their assets.

The first underboob pen challenge post under the hashtag in Chinese of #carrypenunderbreast hit social media earlier this month, according to the Daily Mail, citing, an affiliate site of state newspaper People’s Daily.

The craze challenges participants to show to “prove they’re a real woman”. And what better way to do that than to demonstrate you can hold a pen under your boob, right?

Thousands of women have taken the challenge, with the topic racking up nearly 1.5 million views as Internet users strive to keep abreast of Chinese trends.

The craze follows on the back — or should that be front? — of several similar Internet memes to bounce around China, including the coins on the collarbone challenge, the belly button test, and the behind the back boob grab challenge.

Like so many pervy crazes, this latest one is reported to have begun in Japan, before spreading to China like spilt milk over a kitchen floor.











Very few women actually dare to expose their face on the photos







But using pens hasn’t been enough for some of those taking the challenge. Instead, they’ve taken their buxomness to another level by doubling up with a pen under each boob.

Or by holding objects including makeup brushes, bottles of body lotion, chopsticks and red roses.

Other breast-related challenges that have taken the internet by storm are the “Behind the Back Breast Grab Challenge” and the “Hold a Coke With Your Boobs”.
Don’t get me wrong, I think the notion that large breasts reflecting your femininity is absolutely ridiculous. But still, seeing some underboob will make any man’s day.
Maybe one day men will be able to join in with the fun with the “Under-moob Challenge”.

People have posted images of the underboobs grasping not only pens, but pencils, makeup brushes, bottles of lotion and even flowers as well. And very often, the posts are accompanied with the caption; “pass the challenge to prove you’re a true woman”.
Interestingly, the social media trend has become widely popular in China… Indeed, not a nation renowned for its large assets – but I guess that’s the challenge.

And then there’s a whole new level! UnderBoob Bottle!