Turnaround girl gets excited – boring infomercial goes viral!


This big boobed woman in a random “Turnaround” presentation video is going viral on the internet. No-one cares about the topic of the video but to find oout who is that delicious babe with those incredible tits. We can just imagine she looks like this when the conversation is getting more exciting. Anyone knows the name of the model, shout!

Who is the busty model / actress in this oil industry infomercial that should be one of the most boring video the web has ever seen?

The name of this gorgeous woman is: Juliana Morgan

The company EPCM-psi.com who commissioned the video must be very pleased that their video gets millions of views that’s to the glamorous presenter dressed in particularly tight clothes. Her breasts just stole the show and no matter how hard she tried to explain the process of a turnaround – keeping eye contact is just impossible!