Emma Stone FINALLY goes topless in new 2018 movie Favorite


Latest Hollywood movie nudity rumor has it that gorgeous Emma Stone is going topless in her new upcoming movie The Favourite.

So there’s a movie coming out we think it’ll be out in theaters around Thanksgiving called the favorite and it’s a period piece it’s like set in England in the 18th century with Olivia Colman and Emma Stone naked in the movie. It was seen in a test screening in a theater in Los Angeles and I can confirm that in addition to a couple of very slight side boob glimpses there is one shot of Emma Stone topless in beds so this is on yes yes yeah get ready for Emma Stone to give you a bone because this is big news and I know this will be something that will get a lot of interest here. She’s so popular and even though we have a page for her where she’s been in you know various stages of undress but not nude in her career she’s never done a nude scene and I know this is gonna be a big deal when this comes out so breaking nudes Andrea a stone in a movie called favorite.

I will have more details as we get closer and hopefully we could get some pics soon but yeah that’s big news – come on, it’s Emma Stone! It always starts with the titties if we’re gonna get that topless shot in the bed then hopefully she’ll see she isn’t gonna get a negative response if anything it’s you know gonna be very welcomed by all of her fans and hopefully it’ll inspire a bigger nudity movement on her behalf and we’ll be able to see a lot more in the coming years so fingers some TNA from easy a so excited but yes listen there’s been I mean I remember in the House Bunny she was in a bikini she did a movie called battle of the sexes where she was in her underwear but it’s been all non nude stuff so this is kind of cool and just bei just from the interest I know that I get when I do shows and people ask me this is gonna be a big deal so anyway the movies called favorite Emma Stone to be naked right now we should know for sure and the release date but we think it’ll be around sometime around Thanksgiving.

What a 2018 Christmas present it will be: Emma Stone nude scene – or at least a good look at her sexy topless boobs – can’t wait for the video footage, it will be priceless.

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